Born in Rome, Italy
Lives and works in New York, Seoul, S. Korea and Israel
Global Villager  

On March 16, 2005 a professional Narrator Model (Do-umi) welcomed visitors to the opening of the third chapter of Hilchot Schenim - a large contemporary art exhibition in Holon, Israel. Smiling with affected courtesy, she treated her audience to a patriotic Hebrew song of love for the homeland - the listeners' homeland, that is, not her own.

The Narrator Model was imported from a high profile Do-umi agency in Seoul specifically for Romy Achituv's Global Villager project . The work documents the quest for a Do-umi , her training for the role, and her performances in Korea and Israel. Production of the video was "outsourced" to a team of "migrant workers" - non-Israelis hired in Korea to shoot, edit and illustrate the video.

Global Villager offers a reflection on the impact of Globalization on Israeli society as a microcosm of a growing world-wide phenomenon. It addresses questions and issues raised by today's new models of communication and mobility of signifiers and signifieds, of commodities and people. The project speaks to a global culture in thrall to branding and merchandising, where patriotism too may become just another floating signifier to be delivered as a mere commodity by a migrant worker.



Assistant: KIM Jungyeun

Production support: KIM Youngsuk, YI Jaewook

Camera: HAHN Jury, CHO Yungju, KIM Mee

Video Editing and animation: HAHN Jury

Video processing and additional animation: PARK Juhee

Model: KIM Heesun


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