KU Jayoung
Born in Seoul, S. Korea
Lives and works in Seoul, S. Korea
The Books (The Passage); The Presentation  

Ku Jayoung creates site-specific performances in which looped video segments are integrated with real-time events, resulting in the conflation of real and illusory space. A videotape recorded at the beginning of a performance is re-projected and precisely mapped onto the performance space itself. Jayoung further 'intervenes' in the space by performing various actions, his real-time presence and the multiple layered 'memories' of his past actions co-existing - and competing - with each other. Playing with the boundaries of the viewers' sense of space and time, Ku Jayoung allows perception to oscillate between the physical presence and the temporally collapsed projected images of the same space.

In The Books , performed at the "DMZ_2005" exhibition in Paju Book City, June, 2005, Jayoung applied his layered space and time performance to the action of collapsing a projected image of massive wall of books. One by one he gently eased single books out of the center of the wall. The weakened structure began to crumble slowly and locally, then came crashing down, revealing behind it another projected image of the very same wall. The fresh projection thus set in motion a perpetual cycle of sabotage and resurrection.


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