LEE Hyunjean
Born in Seoul, S. Korea
Lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia, USA

In Corresponding, Lee Hyunjean's single-channel video piece, a woman is seen swinging her head from side to side. As the video progresses the woman's motions amplify and the momentum begins 'taking control' of the video frame. With growing intensity, the head swings rock the video frame to and fro like a sail of a ship caught in crosswinds. As the frame swings and shifts from its axis it exposes a black background.

The sound of the motion cutting through the air is puzzling: Are we hearing the swinging frame or the flying hair? The motion of the frame is equally puzzling: Is the swinging video frame displayed within another black video frame?

Reminiscent of Buster Keaton's meta-film antics (walking through the screen to join the action ) yet meditative and trance like in its effect, Corresponding is an evocative piece which questions the very nature of the space of representation. At the same time, it offers a visual metaphor for the relationship between subject-matter and context.


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