Born in Tel Aviv, Israel
Lives and works in Jerusalem, Israel
Booklet ; Poong Kyung / Nof  

Doron LIVNÉ's site-specific installation Poong Kyung/ NOF consists of a series of drawings / texts on thin strips of paper of assorted textures, hanging in various locations and at different angles from the ceiling and walls. Each strip bears the ideogram Poong Kyung and the word Nof ('landscape' in Korean and Hebrew respectively ), so that viewers reading the drawn word 'landscape' are also looking at a landscape 'drawing'. But it is the deployment of the work in the exhibition hall that lends the strips their true significance as landscape.

Indeed, in this work as in others, Livné aims to fuse the distinct mental states of reading and viewing - this time, by making use of a difference between Chinese ideograms and Hebrew letters. Ideograms, standing as they do as frontal, discrete entities, clearly call attention to their visual presence and identity; they are bearers of meaning meant to be seen as well as heard. Letters of the alphabet, by contrast, do not face the reader : he sees them in profile as they follow each other in the direction of writing, each turning its back, as it were, on the preceding. The eye serves only as mediator; letters are meant to be heard, not seen.

There is thus a sharp distinction in the West between composing texts and composing pictures. Livné's work is an effort to overcome this distinction and to evoke poetry by having the viewers both look and read.


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