Tirtza EVEN and Brian KARL

Tirtza Even, Born in Jerusalem, Israel
Lives and works in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Brian Karl, Born in Los Angeles, CA
Lives and works in New York, USA


Tirtza EVEN and Brian KARL's Flicker is a short digital video shot in Tel Aviv presenting three distinct views of urban, working-class locales: small, sparsely furnished interiors with minimal décor; old, worn-down buildings; and a public area alive with gatherings of people of various ages.

The video progresses like a small whirlwind moving in time, systematically deconstructing and reordering space and time. The scenes are inter-spliced with slightly delayed versions of themselves, or with other scenes, simultaneously fragmenting and extending a Present moment into one which also includes the moment just past and the moment to come. Thus the small gesture of an elderly woman resting her head on her hand stutters and flickers, creating a poignant vision of age and frailty - of palsied physical deterioration.


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